Some Provocative Stories That Will Catch Your Attention

Sex indeed plays a pivotal role in our lives. We start fantasizing about sex when we reach puberty and never stop. Literally, men think about sex at least once every minute of every day, women are just as horny, but they are not that vocal about it at all. Well to increase your libido, I have written down some crazy sex stories for your entertainment and possibly, pleasure.

Story 1: It was a fun experiment.

I was driving one of my best friends home, and as a way to thank me, he jokingly said he “I’d give you a blowjob, but my boobs are at home”. Well, I knew he was joking. The word boobs got me hard. He noticed I had a raging boner and asked me to whip it out. I did; well he started stroking it, and finally, he was sucking it, and I kept driving. I reached orgasm, and it was one of the best feelings ever. Well, that was our only hookup, and we are still best friends. We still talk about that night though and have a good laugh.

Story 2: An amazing late night swim.

My boyfriend and I were staying at a friend’s house that night, and we knew he had a big pool in the backyard. Everyone decided it would be fun to go for a midnight swim and we were really excited. We decided to skinny dip, and it was a lot of fun. Things got heated with my boyfriend, and he legitimately thrust his erect penis in my vagina while both of us were submerged. Everyone thought we were making out, but it was one of the best sexual experiences ever.

Story 3: A sticky night to remember.

One night I was waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work, he called me and said he would be back home in 30 minutes and that I had to shower and lay naked in bed and also put on a blindfold as soon as I heard him come home. I did exactly that. I heard him enter the room, but I couldn’t see anything because of the blindfold. As soon as he entered the room, I had a massive boner. The next thing I knew is that he opened my mouth and put his whipped cream and Nutella covered penis in my mouth. It tasted amazing, and we had a fantastic night of wild sex.

Story 4: A quickie in the mart.

It was Thanksgiving morning, and I lived in downtown Los Angeles. I woke up and realized there was nothing at home to eat, so I put on some boxers and a t-shirt in a hurry and drove to the nearest mart. Well, morning wood had got the best of me when I entered the store. And it was very visible because of my thin boxers. The cashier stared at it the entire time he was billing what I bought. I guess he couldn’t stay quiet anymore, so he said “what a nice one you’ve got there”, I, being always horny asked if he wanted to see it. Next thing I know, he locked up the mart, grabbed a box of condoms and we were having sex right in the cereal aisle.


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